jeudi 24 novembre 2016


The days become shorter, the colorful leaves are on the floor and you start to drink hot chocolate, yes fall is here! Years after years it became one of my favorite season and even though we start to wear warm clothes, there is one detail we don't have to neglect: underwear. So when the brand Adore Me asks me to create a flirty Fall flat lays I accepted the challenge! They started a lovely campaign to prove that each woman can feel sexy in their life, what a nice program! So I made 3 different flat lays: a fall, a cosy and a party mood. Of course you want to stay at home when it's cold outside but anyway you can feel sexy even in Fall it's possible! And when some friends ask you to go for a party you can't refuse it and you adapt your lingerie :)
When you know that you have underwears that you like you feel more comfortable with yourself. It's your secret garden and your lingerie represents a bit of your personality isn't it?!

Adore Me is an American brand that sells beautiful lingerie for all the women (there is a plus-size selection fyi) and you can have your first set for 19.95$ when you join VIP member. You can also check their Pinterest to check their inspirations and see others #flirtyfallflatlays. I hope you will enjoy the pictures and have a look at their web site, they have beautiful bras and panties, sleepwear and so many cool items. Christmas is coming soon, lingerie is always a good idea :)





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